Jathedar Harpreet Singh gave this statement regarding forced conversion of Sikhs and Hindus

Amritsar: A big statement of Shri Akal Takht Sahib Jathedar Giani Harpreet Singh has come to light regarding forced conversion. He said that since the last few years, the gullible Sikhs and Hindus of Punjab are being converted by fake priests by misleading them. Which is illegal according to the Indian Constitution. He said that all this is happening in the border areas which can become a big threat to the whole of India and Punjab in the near future.punjab india news

Jathedar Harpreet Singh said that Nihang Singh was applying to the police against this hypocrisy for the last 6 months but the police did not take any step. When Nihang Singh tried to stop these hypocrites at his level, the police registered a case under section 195 on about 150 Nihangs. He said that this step was taken by Nihang Singh when no action was taken by the police and administration. He demanded that these pamphlets should be canceled soon, otherwise Sri Akal Takht Sahib would take a big step, which would be the responsibility of the administration and the government.

He said that most of the backward class Hindus and Sikhs are being targeted for conversion. He has requested all the organizations of Punjab and India to take action against these hypocrites as per the relevant section of the Indian Constitution. The Jathedar said that for several months, reports of clashes between Nihang Singh and the Christian community keep coming to the fore. Last day, there was a clash between Nihang Singh and people of Christian community in village Daduan of Amritsar and many people were also injured. The Nihang Singhs alleged that the priests were forcibly getting converted.

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